Google Adwords Account Management Services

Let us create ProfessionalROI Focused campaigns on Google Adwords

We provide you with an entire Google Adwords account management system, which include:

Whether you have a current Google Adwords PPC ad campaign or not, we carry out keyword research to confirm the marketing campaigns is making use of the suitable search terms.
Our Google Adwords management features tailor made, persuasive, highly effective and creative writing when creating the ad text (headings and descriptions). Employing our best procedures, we will produce text ads that will appeal to the searchers interest with powerful ad copy that emphasizes unique selling points or special deals. Our ads direct visitors to appropriate landing pages. This will improve your click-through and conversion rates.
We find the best current landing page or suggest enhancements to provide site-level visitor conversion.
We will collaborate with your team in creating codes to help in monitoring conversion rates from your Google Adwords advertising campaign.
We will upload and submit the keywords and associated creative for approval by the search engines' sponsored search programs.
We will set up and track the several ad account options like daily max spend, match type, countries and more, to maximize business objectives.
We will track and fine-tune the cost-per-click (CPC) offer for bid rankings that generate the best ROI on for the client for each group of ads or keyword in your campaign(s) to comply with your identified business goals. Your CPC offer describes the sum you spend for a click on your ad once the ad shows up on the search engines or their partner websites. We optimize the CPA for your keywords by using or enterprise level digital marketing tools.
We carry out a month-end evaluation of campaign efficiency, which include specific keyword costs, conversion rates and performance trends. We create a written document and then hold a business-meeting phone call to go over the prior month activities and what the next steps should be.
We will recommend and put into action ad campaign modification, such as adjustments to ad text (title and description), keyword listing changes to boost Quality Score and bid changes.
We will execute routine evaluating of new ads (titles and descriptions), and adjusted call to actions.

Why Choose Us?

At Toronto SEO LAB, Inc. we can build or optimize your exciting Google Adwords pay-per-click marketing strategy and provide maximum value to your company’s website. We work closely with you to help your business manage your Google Adwords PPC campaigns so that they maximize the potential of your website and deliver the highest possible conversions and ROI.

Every project valuation is usually different since individual objectives are different. In spite of this, actionable strategies can usually be grouped into a number of sub valuations: long-, medium- or short-term execution, and low, medium or high impact. This knowledge in our strategy helps identify and create a work strategy that is compatible with your search engine marketing goals.

We help your business maximize its ROI by providing full service management from set up to optimization. You will know exactly how your Google Adwords pay-per-click campaigns are performing when you get regular detailed updates via our reports.

We provide professional assistance with email and telephone communication if you have concerns or just would like to better understand your marketing campaign outcomes. Our team will keep you well informed with weekly telephone calls, prompt email response, and proactive reporting where necessary.

What You Get

Lower Cost Per Click (CPC)

Increased Market Penetration

Improved Return On Investment (ROI)

Improved Lead Quality or More Sales

Greater Online Visibility

Lower Cost Per Conversion

Increase in Brand Recognition

Increased Impression Share

Our Process: How We Do It


Develop a plan to optimize keywords, descriptions and titles. Set up a bid system and tactical business guidelines in accordance with identified business objectives.


Set up Cost Per Click or Cost Per Sale rules for every Google Adwords account and campaign that is aligned with your overall business goals. Evaluate and analyze your existing keyword terms and conduct in depth industry and competitive research for additional keyword possibilities. Evaluate and assess landing pages for every keyword, including the titles and descriptions.


We automatically monitor the Google Adwords campaign to ensure it is in line with outlined business rules. We continually analyze results and continue to optimize keywords, titles and descriptions. We will keep you fully informed regarding your Google Adwords campaign performance.


Rewrite titles and descriptions to match new keywords. Capitalize on our relationship with search engines like Google and Yahoo to accelerate keyword submission and editorial evaluation.


We finance publishers and SEO is imperative to our clients' success. We deal with many digital marketers all over the world and Toronto SEO LAB's skills, services and personal touch are second to none. 

Hanna K.CEO & Founder - OAREX Capital Markets

Toronto SEO LAB cares about the client's success and adds value in so many different ways. Aside from their experience in the field, it's nice to know when the company you're working with is honest.

M. K.CEO & Founder - Enthusiast Media Network

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