Top Ten Tips for Local Search Success

Local search can be closely likened to the somewhat out-of-date yellow pages. Local search simply means getting relevant results on local businesses for searches made on the internet and within mobile apps.

Local search is particularly important to businesses as they try to get ahead of the competition and stay there and considering the number of internet users and people that…

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The Benefits & Drawbacks of Modified Broad Match

There are a number of tools that can be used to control traffic for your paid search ads especially as Adwords is concerned.

Modified broad match keywords make it possible to be specific as regards the search terms that have to be in the words a user fills into the search query for your ad to come up. This means that…

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How To Use Automated Rules In Google AdWords

It is definitely great trying to cut down on the duration spent on managing PPC accounts especially for those that handle multiple accounts and one great tool used for such a task is the Automated Rules tool in Google Adwords.

They are available to all advertisers using Adwords and can be very helpful when making changes in your account reducing the…

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Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

It is important to build links but when this is not done right, the effect can be devastating.

While 2015 might be relatively young, webmasters have been trying to ensure that they build quality links in order to help their SEO quest. What you get from not properly building your links is a penalty. The question now is how to safely…

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SEO Checklist for Startup Websites

As a startup, there are lots of things on your mind. From admin issues to market domination and a whole lot of others, startups try to prioritize and manage their resources to ensure they do not fall into the category of businesses that fail even before they started. Even as you try to prioritize and manage, the importance of having…

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Free Keyword Research Tools in 2015

The Keyword Planner by Google is one of the best keyword research tools around but even with its resources and many benefits, some people still do not like the tool and if you fall into this category of persons, the free keyword research tools listed below are some options you can try.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool has been transformed and after…

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How To Do Keyword Research & Start Content Creation

It is sometimes very helpful to go back to the basics when looking for success in SEO and with keyword research and content creation being on the top list of SEO, it is only normal that you take them into serious consideration.

Keyword research and content creation are actually not as difficult as popularly conceived and the following tips would take…

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Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is usually described as the bridge that connects brand awareness and lead generation. If effectively done, the business is able to actively engage existing and potential customers, building familiarity and affinity.

Great content marketing is a function of clear intention, adequate planning and great implementation. This brings the question of the best practices for content marketing strategy to the…

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How to Improve Adwords Quality Score

Quality Score is the ever-changing variable assigned to each keyword that has effect on the ranking of your ad and the cost per click. Basically, increasing the Quality Score or QS as it is sometimes called can help improve the performance of your campaign. A higher quality score gives you a higher ranking at a cheaper rate.

The factors that affect…

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How to Write a Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs

Meta description is an HTML tag used in describing a web page or blog. It is customizable and can be easily done by employing some resources.

Click-throughs or click-through-rates are one of the factors considered by Google when ranking a web page. Since Meta descriptions can greatly affect your CTR, it is important to make sure that your Meta description is…

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