Local SEO Resources

Top Ten Tips for Local Search Success

Local search can be closely likened to the somewhat out-of-date yellow pages. Local search simply means getting relevant results on local businesses for searches made on the internet and within mobile apps.

Local search is particularly important to businesses as they try to get ahead of the competition and stay there and considering the number of internet users and people that…

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Best Local SEO Tools

If the fact that many of internet users especially those that use the various search engines rely heavily on the information gotten from local search result with many of such searches resulting in purchases, it is very imperative to take local SEO important.

The fact however is that getting listed and maintaining rankings on local search engines is not particularly easy.…

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Top 15 Canadian Citations List

The Top 15 Places for Local Citations in Canada

The increase in the number of mobile devices users in Canada and many other nations of the world has made it even more necessary and important to do some local SEO. The development of location based-apps and other such resources have been able to move the customers closer to local businesses and…

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