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The Benefits & Drawbacks of Modified Broad Match

There are a number of tools that can be used to control traffic for your paid search ads especially as Adwords is concerned.

Modified broad match keywords make it possible to be specific as regards the search terms that have to be in the words a user fills into the search query for your ad to come up. This means that…

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How To Use Automated Rules In Google AdWords

It is definitely great trying to cut down on the duration spent on managing PPC accounts especially for those that handle multiple accounts and one great tool used for such a task is the Automated Rules tool in Google Adwords.

They are available to all advertisers using Adwords and can be very helpful when making changes in your account reducing the…

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Free Keyword Research Tools in 2015

The Keyword Planner by Google is one of the best keyword research tools around but even with its resources and many benefits, some people still do not like the tool and if you fall into this category of persons, the free keyword research tools listed below are some options you can try.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool has been transformed and after…

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How to Improve Adwords Quality Score

Quality Score is the ever-changing variable assigned to each keyword that has effect on the ranking of your ad and the cost per click. Basically, increasing the Quality Score or QS as it is sometimes called can help improve the performance of your campaign. A higher quality score gives you a higher ranking at a cheaper rate.

The factors that affect…

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A/B Testing Tools & How to A/B Test Landing Pages

Making money from your website can be done in two ways – driving traffic to your website, and increasing the conversion rate of visitors into customers.

While getting traffic might seem easy due to the many resources available for use, conversion optimization might not be as easy as you need to run the AB tests.

A/B testing is also referred to as…

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Keyword Research Tips & Tools: Choose Right Keywords

PCC is not a term to which you are not familiar yet, it been long time since PPC (pay per click services) is benefiting advertiser for marketing their products. Each time an ad is clicked, advertiser have to pay for per click. Organically, it’s a technique in which advertiser actually buy the clicks from the site.

One of the well-known form…

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New Call-Only Campaigns in AdWords – Explained

One of the major challenges most businesses face is that they find it difficult for visitors to their Adwords to call them and this ultimately results in lost money in the potential customers that fail to call back.

Thanks to Google, businesses can now create campaigns that only run ads that directly bridge the gap between potential customers and business owners…

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