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Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

It is important to build links but when this is not done right, the effect can be devastating.

While 2015 might be relatively young, webmasters have been trying to ensure that they build quality links in order to help their SEO quest. What you get from not properly building your links is a penalty. The question now is how to safely…

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SEO Checklist for Startup Websites

As a startup, there are lots of things on your mind. From admin issues to market domination and a whole lot of others, startups try to prioritize and manage their resources to ensure they do not fall into the category of businesses that fail even before they started. Even as you try to prioritize and manage, the importance of having…

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How To Do Keyword Research & Start Content Creation

It is sometimes very helpful to go back to the basics when looking for success in SEO and with keyword research and content creation being on the top list of SEO, it is only normal that you take them into serious consideration.

Keyword research and content creation are actually not as difficult as popularly conceived and the following tips would take…

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How to Write a Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs

Meta description is an HTML tag used in describing a web page or blog. It is customizable and can be easily done by employing some resources.

Click-throughs or click-through-rates are one of the factors considered by Google when ranking a web page. Since Meta descriptions can greatly affect your CTR, it is important to make sure that your Meta description is…

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How to Write Title & Optimize Tags For SEO

Persons that are particularly internet or technology savvy might not know what a title tag is not to talk of knowing the importance. Basically, a title tag is what gives a definition to the title of a web page. It is a very important element of a website especially as it helps with SEO, conversions, and usability.

While the many advantages…

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SEO Site CheckUp: How to Make SEO Friendly Website

Many owners are tangled in the confusion, where actually their site lies in the huge competitive market or how SEO friendly is their site? To make your site ranked up by the Google certainly, they want to get to know the dos and don’ts of SEC friendly site.

Fortunately, there are tools which are accessible freellyfor measuring your site friendliness with…

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Top 10 Website Speed Optimization Techniques

If your site is taking so long to get loaded then trust me, you are losing up to 30% of your visitors. For internet user waiting is the worst thing they ever want. So, to safe you from these issues in the run long, it won’t be a bad deal to deliberately have a look on the development process of…

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How to Optimize Images for SEO

Having optimized the pages of your website, it is not surprising that you wonder if there is any need to optimize images for your website. One of the major reasons you want to consider optimizing images for your website is page ranking. The benefits of having an SEO for your website would already have been realised to a very large…

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Google Confirms: Mobile Usability Will Be a Ranking Factor

With studies revealing that the number of mobile phone users would most likely reach over 5 billion by 2017, Google’s decision to make mobile friendliness a factor in ranking websites only makes more sense. This even makes it more important for businesses to optimize their site for mobile devices.

Google has announced that websites will now be ranked on search engine…

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