Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is usually described as the bridge that connects brand awareness and lead generation. If effectively done, the business is able to actively engage existing and potential customers, building familiarity and affinity.

Great content marketing is a function of clear intention, adequate planning and great implementation. This brings the question of the best practices for content marketing strategy to the front line. This question is answered below.

Get the support of Stakeholders

Being a long-term affair, you want to be sure that everyone needed to ensure the success of the campaign is carried along to avoid a break in the middle of the campaign. The relevant departments, executives, and other related parties should be well-informed of the strategy and the quota they would be contributing if it is to succeed.

Know your Audience

Content marketing involves educating, entertaining and informing your existing and potential customer on why they should be with your brand. It is therefore necessary to not just know them, but to understand your target audience to ensure your actions are not a waste or worse still, counterproductive. You need to earn their trust as time goes on and the only way to do this is to address their needs the way they want it to be tackled.

Know and Use the right Formula

While this might seem a bit difficult, it can actually be achieved in three simple steps. The first is to create the content wanted by your customers. This requires focusing on the customers and not the company.

The second step is to create a number of content that is disseminated using different channels and devices. This of course would be successful if you have been able to identify the channels and formats your customers use more often.

Curating the content is the third step in creating the right content formula.

Create an Editorial calendar

This would involve enumerating your themes and making sure the buying cycle phases are aligned with the content.

You would also want to provide an outline stating the publication time for your different content and on which platform to be used. It should be noted that this is only tentative and can change due to some factors.

The date of developing content and the distribution date should also be noted. It is very important to have our content published consistently and in a timely fashion.

In addition to the four best practices mentioned above, it is essential that you get the maximum mileage form your content and you develop a mechanism that allows you to measure the success of your campaign and the cost involved.

These practices would help you create an effective content marketing strategy and if you already have one, you can modify it using the tips mentioned above.

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