How To Use Automated Rules In Google AdWords

How To Use Automated Rules In Google AdWords

It is definitely great trying to cut down on the duration spent on managing PPC accounts especially for those that handle multiple accounts and one great tool used for such a task is the Automated Rules tool in Google Adwords.

They are available to all advertisers using Adwords and can be very helpful when making changes in your account reducing the time you would have spent and allowing you do other important tasks. Below are some ways to use Automated Rules that can be helpful for every advertiser.

Managing Brand

It is very important to manage your brand properly and the reasons for this are enormous. You however want to make sure that your ad comes up in top positions to allow searchers see your brand easily and quickly. Automated Rules can help in making the necessary changes to your Adwords to ensure that your ad is ranked high instead of having to log into Adwords every now and then to make such changes.

“Change Max CPC bids when” is the rule to be set for the Brand keywords. The position to select using the rule usually depends on factors which will include competitiveness, the nature of the brand name, and a host of others. After the consideration the factors, the rule can be set and once the average position is lower than what you set, the bids are raised.

Awareness Tactics

One very common strategy among PPC advertisers in “Awareness” based advertising that emphasizes more on impressions and clicks as opposed to direct response like conversion and revenue. Such campaigns are more about getting the word out about a brand and increasing its exposure.

Automated Rules is particularly helpful here as it helps you manage your advertising dollars, assessing the strategies used and making changes where necessary on a daily basis.

Promotional Ad Management

It can be a pretty difficult task trying to manage the changes in ad copy particularly when ads that have strict start and stop dates. Automated Rules can efficiently ensure that your ad runs for the specific time frame and duration you want. This ensures no slip ups and you do not have to carry your calendar everywhere you go.

The strategies or ways of using Automated Rules in Google Adwords mentioned above are just some of the many benefits that accrue to advertisers when they automate their ad campaigns. In actual fact, with Automated Rules, the benefits can be endless.


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