Free Keyword Research Tools in 2015

Free Keyword Research Tools in 2015

The Keyword Planner by Google is one of the best keyword research tools around but even with its resources and many benefits, some people still do not like the tool and if you fall into this category of persons, the free keyword research tools listed below are some options you can try.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool has been transformed and after the modifications, it was renamed Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Not too many users are quite pleased with these alterations and with other keyword tools requiring some payments, looking for the available free tools makes a lot of sense. It should however be noted that while these tools might help with keyword research, they are no perfect substitute for the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.


This free keyword tool gives you keyword ideas in addition to daily search volume. The drawback to this tool which might be as a result of being free is the compilation of the index of keywords as it is usually relatively obsolete giving the time of the last compilation.

Keyword Discovery

This tool is available for free and in order to get some premium features added to the tool, users are required to make some monthly payment. The free version however allows users to have thousands of keyword ideas based on the term entered and it allows for up to 50 searches for keyword ideas, with the paid version giving you access to additional features for keyword analysis.

SEO Book Keyword Tool

This ranks as one of the best free keyword tools ever, thanks to the resources and features of the tool. It offers the user suggested volumes of daily search, Google Adwords’ price estimates, and even links to other keyword tools like Suggest, Synonyms, Google Trends, and the likes. It also provides link to vertical databases.

Bing Keyword Research

This keyword research tool provided by Bing helps in the discovery of the keywords that people search for when they use the Bing search engine, giving you information stemming from as long as six months back.


This tool offers more than a trillion keywords in its database, helping you identify the long-tail keywords that are best for your business.


This tool gives you more than what an average free tool would offer as it shows you the top 10 suggested keywords on the basis of the entry you make plus each letter of the alphabet.

These are some of the very good Free Keyword Research Tools you can use to get the best from your content in 2015.

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