The Benefits & Drawbacks of Modified Broad Match

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Modified Broad Match

There are a number of tools that can be used to control traffic for your paid search ads especially as Adwords is concerned.

Modified broad match keywords make it possible to be specific as regards the search terms that have to be in the words a user fills into the search query for your ad to come up. This means that there is more control as regards the traffic you get. It however comes with some drawbacks. The benefits and drawbacks are discussed below.

One of the benefits of modified broad match is that it helps to increase the relevance of the traffic you get to your ad. When the (+) modifier is added to the broad match keywords, the relevance of the ad traffic is increased. Similar to what is obtainable in the phrase and exact matching, modified broad match gives traffic that are better-targeted, improving CTR and conversion rate. This means that you get a better quality of traffic.

Another benefit is that it helps to save time on keywords that can be described as negative. Modified broad match helps to significantly save time on negative keywords as the search is more specific as the synonyms and related searches that usually trigger ads in the case of broad match are greatly eliminated. The effect this has on your cost can also not be underestimated.

With this plan you are better able to choose the terms to receive the modifier in a keyword strand. This allows you to choose the specific terms that need to be included in the search queries if your ad is to come up. This helps to increase the relevance of your without necessarily reducing the volume of traffic you get.

Having mentioned these benefits, it should be noted that modified broad match comes with some drawbacks which are briefly discussed below.

The first of these drawbacks is that it brings less impression volume. Even as modified broad match helps to improve the quality of traffic your ad gets, it sometimes cut into the volume of traffic you get especially as synonyms and related searches are exempted from the match type.

Modified broad match would usually have formatting challenges with MS Excel. When the keywords used in modified broad match are moved from Adwords into Microsoft Excel, they come looking unfriendly as re-uploading the changes made can be a bit problematic.

All in all, it should be noted that just like many other phenomenon in life, modified broad match comes with its own benefits and demerits.

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