How To Do Keyword Research & Start Content Creation

How To Do Keyword Research & Start Content Creation

It is sometimes very helpful to go back to the basics when looking for success in SEO and with keyword research and content creation being on the top list of SEO, it is only normal that you take them into serious consideration.

Keyword research and content creation are actually not as difficult as popularly conceived and the following tips would take you through the easy process.

Do not limit your focus to Broad Keywords

While using broad keywords can be very helpful in SEO, the level of competition might be too high and in some cases, the success rate of using broad keywords might not be as expected.

Specific keywords have also been discovered to be very helpful in getting traffic to websites and many e-commerce sites have actually acknowledged the fact that specific keywords have been responsible for majority of their sales.

Using Google Analytics can be very helpful in getting keywords that can be used.

Do Keyword Research For Product Categories & Specific Products

Tools like Google Adwords keyword tool can help in finding out what people are looking for in your industry and category of products. This might be a bit time consuming so you want to start with the very important products. (Also read our post: Keyword Research Tips & Tools)

Improve Search results by adding unique content on your pages

Adding some product overview to the concerned pages can really help in getting the desired amount of traffic. While you do not want to have your product pushed down too far, adding a few texts can make a huge difference when results come up in search engines.

It also allows your visitors get a sales message from you and this can be even more important to the decision they make especially if they have not seen any messages before landing on this page. This will help in improving your ranking and click-throughs.

Give Personality to your website and Build Trust

People want to feel comfortable and confident when they visit a site and particularly when they are to purchase from such sites or businesses. You therefore want to make sure that your website portrays your business as one that holds the customers in high regards. Putting the value statement and making sure your website carries a professional look are just some of the ways to achieve this.

Strengthen your Page

The competition can be very fierce and in order to compete with the big guns, you need to increase the strength of your page. Just as the big corporations are not slowing down, you do not want to be caught napping and you can actually rank higher than these sites if you properly and effectively do your SEO.

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