Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

Techniques To Safely Get Links In 2015

It is important to build links but when this is not done right, the effect can be devastating.

While 2015 might be relatively young, webmasters have been trying to ensure that they build quality links in order to help their SEO quest. What you get from not properly building your links is a penalty. The question now is how to safely build links in 2015. Below are some safe techniques that can be sued to build links in 2015.

Guest Blog and have others do it

While Matt Cutts of Google have actually declared that the era of guest blogging us gone, guest blogging remains a good tool to build quality links even in 2015. While the primary aim of guest blogging should not be link building at least not to the knowledge of the website owner, when you are able to get quality content to the website, you might be close to getting an invite to link your website to the post.

Remember that the key to using guest blogging to build backlinks is to as helpful and relevant as possible.


Even Drew Hendricks of AudienceBloom admits that infographics are still effective for building links. While infographics might not be as effective as the good old days, the number of backlinks that can be generated using infographics makes it very tempting.

Use the Social Media

Content promotion completes the other half of content marketing as the task does not end with creating good content. With the popularity of the different social media networks, the best and easiest way to go in 2015 is social media. Promoting your content on social media allows you to start building links.

The way to earn the links through social media is to promote your content as much as you can. While it is relatively easy to build links using the social media platforms, it should be noted that only quality content would thrive.

Ask for Links

This might sound not too good but it is actually one of the easiest ways for you to get links. This does not mean begging for links or trading links, it only means mentioning prominent and relevant institutions in your content and informing them of this. They would naturally link to your content and you can start building quality links as easy as that.

It is always best to approach people you know on personal terms as it is more effective and even easier for you.

Build your personal brand

Once you are able to build and grow your brand, the links would naturally build. Remember that links are not created instantly but with consistency and persistence, you are guaranteed of building quality links in 2015.

While earning links is not particularly easy, the benefit far outweighs the efforts.

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