How to Write a Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs

How to Write a Meta Description That Gets Click-Throughs

Meta description is an HTML tag used in describing a web page or blog. It is customizable and can be easily done by employing some resources.

Click-throughs or click-through-rates are one of the factors considered by Google when ranking a web page. Since Meta descriptions can greatly affect your CTR, it is important to make sure that your Meta description is written in such a way that click-throughs are gotten.

Below are some tips that can be followed to ensure your Meta descriptions are impressive enough to get click-throughs.

Proper Length

This is properly the most important of all the tips. It is essential that your Meta description of the proper length which would mean not exceeding 160 characters as search engines can only display that number of characters. You also want to ensure the length is not too short in order to get the attention of visitors.

Use Actionable wordings

The primary aim of writing a Meta description is to grab the attention of readers, ensuring that they click through your web page. The only way to achieve this is to include words that trigger action from the readers preferably at the start of the Meta description.

Include relevant information

One of the commonest reasons why people use the internet is to search for valuable information they can use for whatever challenges they are facing. You therefore want your website to serve this purpose if you are looking to get massive click throughs. When your Meta description gives an insight on what readers should expect when they visit your website, you are at a better position of getting more clicks through your Meta description.

Give sincere descriptions

Giving misleading information in your Meta description in a bid to deceive readers to visit your web page can have adverse effect on the amount of traffic your website gets. It might initially get some people to visit your website, but you can be sure that they will leave as quickly as they got in once they find out the truth about your website.

Do not forget your Call-to-Action

Just as mentioned earlier, you intend getting internet users to visit your website and these users would only click on your web page if they believe you have something that is beneficial to them. You therefore want to tell them that you have what they need and using call-to-actions can be a way of doing this.

Besides the tips mentioned above, it is also very important to be clear and concise with the use of language to ensure that readers can easily grab what you have in your description.

Also ensure you monitor the performance of your Meta description and make modifications when and where necessary.

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