Google Confirms: Mobile Usability Will Be a Ranking Factor

Google Confirms: Mobile Usability Will Be a Ranking Factor

With studies revealing that the number of mobile phone users would most likely reach over 5 billion by 2017, Google’s decision to make mobile friendliness a factor in ranking websites only makes more sense. This even makes it more important for businesses to optimize their site for mobile devices.

Google has announced that websites will now be ranked on search engine based on how mobile friendly they are and from the 21st of April, the signal will influence search results worldwide. What this means is that all businesses with websites or blogs need to ensure their online assets are mobile-friendly or they could risk getting overshadowed by competitors. They are a number of tools to help in this process and WordPress for one has been able to develop a tool in the Jetpack plug-in or WP Touch plug-in that would help web designers optimize their site for mobile phones.

Google has also been fair enough to provide a tool that helps to check how mobile-friendly a particular website. The Google Webmaster tool would also help to check the site’s mobile usability.

If you have decided to check the mobile usability of your website which of course you should be doing, the Google Webmaster is a good tool that should be considered. Using the tool is quite easy once your Google account is logged in. the user friendly interface of the site ensures you easily navigate through it and you can easily detect the whether or not your website has usability issues and the errors concerned.

An addition to the mobile site ranking is the app indexing by Google. This ranking factor helps users to see results from the apps installed on their device. This depends on whether or not the app developer has the app indexing implemented for the mobile app.

As an app developer or blogger, you therefore need to implement the app indexing in your app in order to favor your app as the ranking factor kicks off.

Having known the benefits and disadvantages of ensuring your website is developed and optimized for the new ranking system, one needs no rocket science to know that just as your competitors are preparing their to get ahead of the competition and stay there, you need to get your website ready for the latest trend in Google rankings.

Factors such as speed, conversion, and monetization also need to be put into consideration when upgrading your site.

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