How to Optimize Images for SEO

How to Optimize Images for SEO

Having optimized the pages of your website, it is not surprising that you wonder if there is any need to optimize images for your website. One of the major reasons you want to consider optimizing images for your website is page ranking. The benefits of having an SEO for your website would already have been realised to a very large extent if you have an SEO campaign for your website even if the benefits of optimizing images have not been realised yet.

It is not enough to have images on your page for them to be optimized for SEO. While search engines realise that you have images on your website, they are not necessarily aware of what the images are or their relevance to the search. When you make the images on your website SEO friendly, search engines are able to get the necessary information about the images on your website.

One of the ways to achieve image optimization is to Alt-attribute. This helps to clearly define alternate text that can be displayed if it happens that the image does not come out properly. This does not only help the users when loading images proof difficult, it also helps search engines too. It allows search engines know what the images you are using on your website are. This makes it very important for ever web designer to include keywords when writing alt-descriptions relating with images on your site.

Changing the file name of the images is an additional step in the right direction as using descriptive names instead of the basic names of the images. This makes your image more appealing to the different search engines. It is also helpful when you add hyphens in the titles used as it makes it even easier for search engines to recognize the images.

The changes are enough to make the images used on your website get you ranked high on search engines. It takes you a step further and puts you ahead of the competition and lets you stay ahead. The task is pretty simple and considering the benefits you tend to gain from optimizing your images for SEO.

Do not forget to make your file name very descriptive and ensure you pay adequate attention to alt-attribute as these are the very simple ways to make your desire of ranking high through optimizing your images come true.

Remember, you only get what you give to SEO.

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