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Introducing the Pay for PerformancePay for Result SEO program

Pay For Performance SEO Services By Toronto SEO LAB

Result Guaranteed SEO Services

The performance-based solution can be custom made to your company’s goals and finances. Our Pay For Performance SEO plan works well with any size company from any industry vertical that wants to increase their brand awareness online.



Here is what you get with our risk free SEO:

  • Guaranteed better search engine ranking
  • Minimize costs while the campaign is developing
  • Drive extra and highly targeted traffic to your site before paying us
  • Ensure longevity for page 1 positions
  • Trouble free campaign
  • Only pay when rankings improve
  • Your fee is tied to your ranking
  • Your keyword not ranking? You don’t pay!
  • Absolutely no risk on your part

What You Get

Don't pay us until your site is ranking on top pages.

Our Pay For Performance SEO is entirely result driven and we guarantee improvements within given time frames.

Only pay for the keywords you want and pay for SEO monthly.

No monthly contract or obligation.

We follow Google Webmaster Policy and our skilled and professional SEO experts manage our SEO campaigns. They efficiently manage our client’s websites to make sure they follow ethical SEO procedures.

Our Pay For Performance SEO model only uses ethical methods to promote your website.

Never worry about having your website suddenly drop from top rankings due to the latest search engines algorithm updates.

If your rankings were to drop for any reason, we will get you back to the top at no extra cost.

Our Process: How We Do It

We begin by auditing your website to determine which webpages are going to be optimized, where new webpages may be required and what additional improvements need to be made to website content, keywords and phrases, meta tags or title tags.
We use both automatic and manual process in the off page marketing phase that will be used all through the campaign. At this stage, we use quality link building strategies to improve your website’s authority. As authority increases so does your rankings in the search engines. We continuously building quality links because it is proven to increase your rankings and it will keep your site on page one of the search results.
At this stage, optimization refers to who will be making the updates to your website. Sometimes it will your development team other times it will be our team that implement the changes. In either case, we will work with you to see which approach works better and we will never proceed without written permission from you.
With our approach of pay for performance, the results are totally transparent. You get up-to date first page search engine performance every month. We will discuss the report with you and highlight any areas of concern, recommended updates or what optimizations to do next. We know you will be happy with the campaign results. We guarantee it!

Frequently Asked eCommerce SEO Questions

Pay For Performance Service means you only pay us when your website gets the rankings we promise. You get results or you don’t pay.

Our approach is strictly ethical and we comply 100% with Google Terms of Service, therefore your site will not be affected by any new algorithm updates and we are Google Penguin and Panda compatible.

We will discuss this to see which approach works better. Implementation of suggestions can be done by your in house team or by our highly skilled SEO team.

We will send you weekly reports of your keyword ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We price our service per keyword or key phrase. You will only be charged on a monthly basis for the keywords we rank for your website. You can optimize your website for as many keywords/key phrases that you want or that your budget will support.

Absolutely none. There are no hidden costs whatsoever! Remember you are only paying for the keywords that we rank.

Your website will be monitored on a weekly basis.

We target the 3 biggest search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. But you will pay based on Google ranking results.

There is no contract. You can terminate our services any time you want.

Yes, however there will be a one-time setup fee.

To maintain top rankings of your keywords, you can keep using our services.

You can call us any time during business hours, you can contact us via email, thorough our live chat online or on the contact us form on our website.


We finance publishers and SEO is imperative to our clients' success. We deal with many digital marketers all over the world and Toronto SEO LAB's skills, services and personal touch are second to none. 

Hanna K.CEO & Founder - OAREX Capital Markets

Toronto SEO LAB cares about the client's success and adds value in so many different ways. Aside from their experience in the field, it's nice to know when the company you're working with is honest.

M. K.CEO & Founder - Enthusiast Media Network

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