SEO Audit Services Toronto

Your website is a representation of your business and when correctly optimized. In most cases, it is often your hardest working employee and can be used to expanding your business successfully. The results of the SEO Audit constantly return to aligning expansion and profitability to your business objectives.

Making an investment in an expert SEO website audit is an excellent option to find out about the status of SEO on your site and take the initial actions to increasing your organic positions.

Since every business website is unique, our SEO audit service is not a device or some kind of computer software, but instead utilizes our team of SEO audit professionals who know how to analyze your website and offer precise insights and customized strategies according to SEO best practices

Our SEO Audit offers over 200 points comprehensive analysis of your present website and organic strategy in the key points that we understand Search Engines (mostly Google & Bing) focus on.

What happens during a custom SEO Audit?

In the course of an SEO audit, we take an in-depth look at your business website, looking for all potential problems, big or small, that might be pulling down your search rankings. Here are just some of the important issues we look for in our SEO Audit:

  • URL layout / all site domains and subdomains
  • Possible technical problems
  • Potential html code troubles
  • Probable design effects on SEO initiatives
  • Internal linking technique
  • External linking technique
  • Site written content quality and strategy
  • On site SEO issues
  • Potential crawl problems
  • Possible replicate content material problems
  • “Unique factor” on dynamically operated web pages
  • Keyword research and evaluation (if requested)
  • Existing analytics
  • Blog optimization (if relevant)
  • Most recent search engine indexing
  • Site design and layout
  • Social media visibility related to search rankings
  • Possible link maintenance factors
  • More as required

The above list consists of the usual basic issues. If your website has “issues” beyond the ones listed, we can promise you that the fundamentals are going to lead us to them.

Along with employing highly effective tools and detailed data examination, a knowledgeable SEO project manager – with assistance from a staff of experts – carries out many hours of hands-on assessment.

The outcome of our investigation is a prioritized overview of steps that you should take to improve your website’s search results rankings.

SEO audits allow you to build a strong base for long-term online advertising and marketing endeavors, optimize your ROI and raise your organic search standings. An SEO audit can be carried out after a website redesign, in preparation of a whole new website, as an overall website wellness evaluation or as a very distinct means to fix an issue with the search engine rankings. Every SEO audit Toronto SEO LAB writes is tailored to match your requirements, resources and timeline.